About us

Leading exporter of live shellfish

Hannigan Live Irish Shellfish have been exporting live shellfish from Ireland for over 20 years, delivering by road to customers in France, Spain, Portugal and UK and by airfreight to customers in the Middle East and Asia. We are the leading exporter of live shellfish in Ireland.

Full range of quality live shellfish

Hannigan Live Irish Shellfish can supply a full range of live shellfish, 12 months of the year, sourced from the wild and clean waters around Ireland. We come from a fishing background and we recognize the importance and role that our suppliers and fishermen have in making our business a success. We own our vivier fishing vessels and we also have a very large network of long established inshore fishermen and suppliers all around the Irish coast.

Total control of the supply chain

Hannigan Live Irish Shellfish have total control of their supply chain because we have our own fishing boats as well as long term supply/quality agreements with other fishing boats. Our holding facilities have state of the art chilling systems, to enable us chill down the core temperature of our Brown Crab and Lobster to between 4 degrees C and 6 degrees C prior to airfreight and vivier transport.

We have vivier storage capacity capable of holding over 16 tonnes of live product, and a fleet of 11 delivery vehicles.


Hannigan Live Irish Shellfish have an ethos of sustainability and are accredited members of Bord Bia’s sustainability charter, Origin Green; we met the Bord Iascaigh Mhara’s Responsibly Sourced Seafood standard; and have completed a successful audit of transport by Sustainable Energy Ireland.